People who live and work in Australia’s island state enjoy a unique Tasmanian lifestyle – it’s a combination of the clean, pristine environment, a rich history and heritage, people-sized cities with art, culture and music, brilliant bistros and restaurants, fresh produce and great cool-climate wines – well, what’s not to like about life in Tasmania?

Forget traffic snarls on the freeways of mainland capital cities – it just doesn’t happen here.

Forget smoggy air from thousands of exhaust pipes – Tasmanian air has been measured as the cleanest on Earth.

And forget those sweaty, steamy long hot spells over 35 degrees that the mainland has been experiencing more and more in recent years – our climate is pleasant and temperate, never too hot, never too cold.

If you’re an experienced and qualified chef, you’ll find some excellent opportunities to work in your chosen profession in Tasmania’s fast-growing tourism and hospitality sector, which is facing a serious shortage of people just like you.

Divergence can open up these opportunities by bringing you to Tasmania under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme. The RSMS is an Australian Government initiative that aims to assist regional areas (including Tasmania) to attract qualified staff by offering them a permanent Australian residence visa.

So if you’d like to escape from those mainland fleshpots and start a new life in the best island on Earth, Divergence can show you how to take the first step – and then we’ll stay with you all the way through the process and support you after you arrive in Tasmania.

It’s simple – what are you waiting for?

Let’s get started – visit, email or call 03  6108 9150.