What is the RSMS?
The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme is an Australian Government initiative that assists
regional areas of Australia (including Tasmania) to attract skilled workers by offering them a
permanent Australian residence visa.

What does the Divergence involve?
We offer a seamless, end-to-end service, from recruitment and representation, through internal
migration and continuing with ongoing support with relocation program.

Do I need to be onshore and in Australia to apply?
Yes, the processing time for offshore applications can vary depending on visa between 6-12
months and employers are not willing to wait.

Do I need to have a qualification in my main area of experience?
Yes, it is important you are qualified in your area, not only for the employing sponsor but also
when the Department of Immigration and Border Protection assesses your application.

I only have a limited amount of experience – can I still get sponsorship?
No, because you need to show a good, progressive work history as well as the qualification to

Can I include other members of my family on the sponsorship?
Yes. It’s important that you have your family with you on this new experience.

What is the Divergence Relocation and Support Program?
12 months on ground, helping you settle in, schooling and administrative services – we can
also even assist with additional employment for dependants.

How long is my commitment to the RSMS sponsor?
Two years from the granting of the visa.

How much does it cost?
This varies depending on the sponsor, however we believe everybody should have skin in the
game so you should be willing to make some financial commitment.

How much do I get paid?
The RSMS follows the Australian award for remuneration – some employers pay more than the
award but Divergence can talk through each opportunity as it come through.

Let’s get started – visit www.divergence.com.au, email connect@divergence.com.au or call 03  6108 9150.